barbells and babies!?!

Joes Barbell

Very recently my life has become consumed by two things; Barbells and Babies.  Barbells, because looking good naked and performing feats of strength in public are an essential part of fluffing my own ego.  Babies, because my pretty little wife (eliza) is harboring a fetus.  And, as of now, I’m pegged I mean honored to run the daddy day care.  This blog will serve as an outlet for me to voice concerns, ask questions, and remain sane as I stumble through all things parenting, fitness related, and anything in between.  I don’t consider myself particularly interesting, witty, or informative but I do have opinions and enjoy hearing what people have to say about them.  My goals in starting this project is really centered around becoming a better parent, athlete, coach, and person in general.  Please HELP!!!        

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More weight for both of you is what I recommend.