Well Read?

Joes Barbell
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As I stated earlier I do not find myself particularly interesting.  Mainly because I am not very well read.  In an effort to change that I have begun to turn a few pages.  The current reading list is grand and covers topics such as Plyometrics, Making your (or it’s) own baby food, the Paleo diet, Olympic Weightlifting, raising super babies, and even the Westside Training Method.  When I’m not firming up the need to know regarding diapers and ring dips I regularly pick up Oahu Revealed in search of the best off the beaten path restaurant in Honolulu.

Since making reading part of my everyday life I have since learned that I read like I watch TV.  No matter which book I pick up my mind seems to gravitate toward another.  I seem to be more concerned with every other book than the one in my hand.  And, apparently the page is not greener in the other book.  On occasion I will grab a book and go from beginning to end.  The last time this happened was with Born to Run and the time before that was Friday Night Lights.  Interestingly enough both books were true stories written by journalist.  In sports and weightlifting this is an easy thing to find.  However, with the baby stuff I find myself snoozing before I get to the latest and greatest on learning baby sign language.  One thing I have found that does helps is when an author makes a list.  For instance, in Superbaby, you get tons of them.  As of now I know the 8 reasons I should put my baby on a schedule, 20 questions I should ask myself while observing my baby, and respectful communication don’ts.

Overall I think my biggest issue in this department is focus.  Blame MTV, commerials, technology, some chemical imbalance, or the weird, yet surprisingly nurturing up bringing.  I just need to focus on the task at hand and finish the things I start…. Including the books