Why be Strong?

Joes Barbell
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I have been teaching Crossfit at a great facility (HAF) in Honolulu for a little more than two weeks.  As a coach I have noticed that a lot of the house members play hookie on strength days.  As a former football player I hold strength in high regard and consider it an important part being functional.  This passed August I was fortunate enough to attend the Crossfit Football Course in Austin, TX.  John Welborn, former Philadelphia Eagle and Crossfit Football Founder, GO BIRDS!!!, did a great job of relaying a similar message.  Everyone can use a little more strength, a little more power, a little more UMMMF!!!  Super Power, and the ability to move big stuff around prepares us for anything.  Like John’s Crossfit Balboa shirt says, “WHEN THEY COME (the aliens) THEY WILL EAT THE WEAK ONES FIRST.”  Funny as this message may be, its 100% true.  We all don’t need to SNATCH 400 pounds or Over Head Squat 300, but what person wouldn’t show that skill off if they had it.  Being strong is fun.  To be more practical what if you needed to pull your body out of a ditch without the use of your legs.  I don’t want to use to negative an image to make this point but being strong hold so many uses.  I’d like to challenge everyone out there to get stronger.  Push some weight and push yourself to places you haven’t been before.  Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.  In my experience the world looks a little different after benching 300 pounds, doing deads till your eyes pop, and squatting double your body weight.  You start to sleep a little better, traffic doesn’t suck as much, and the big noises that used to split your skull get a little quieter.  Maybe its just me being a boy and feeding into my own testosterone fueled goals but I truly believe that when I am my strongest I am at my BEST.  Give it a GO and Don’t be anythings FOOD!!!