Technology is Great

Joes Barbell
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In my original post I talked about doing this to get help parenting and becoming a little better of a person.  One of the other reasons is to get comfortable with technology and social networking.  Both of which seem to be taking over the world.  For those of you who have noticed I have also started tweeting (joeshu2326).  By the way, those aren’t just random numbers; 23 was my high school football #, 26 college.  Any who, twitter is not the devil I thought it was.  Holy instant information.  For instance, I have been following robwolf and a few other crossfit/fitness/nutrition maniacs and came across an awesome dateline article about the paleo diet.  Check it out and share, tweet, talk about it with those you care about.  I’m leaner and fitter because of it, my buddies mom has lost 30 pounds with it, and its changes lives all over the world.  I have also posted the link to this page.  Give it a month!!!