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Watch these failures right the ship…

Today was a another strength day in the world of HAF.  The attendees of today’s classes all got a little stronger and for the most part each of them failed on at least one attempt.  Which, quickly, brings us to the point.  Failure is an option.  In order to get stronger you have to push the limits of your strength and sometimes go beyond.  This certainly doesn’t mean that we should rush recklessly toward daunting weights, obscene drops in times, and impossibly far reaching goals.  However, we should not be afraid to PR (personnel record/best) or bust (fail).  Who doesn’t want to ring the damn bell!!!  (gotta roll into the gym to get the skinny on that one).

How do I feel about failure?  Its part of the game.  Its bound to happen, especially when your trying to better yourself.  Like every football coach and player in the world will attest to, your going to get knocked down.  Every now and then someone is going to have your number.  The important part of the scenario is what you do in the moments after.  I’d like to think that most of the time I got up, and ear-holed the same dude.  I attempt to attack strength days, WOD’s, and most of life’s challenges in the same manner.  Failures, loses, missed opportunities should fuel us and hopefully place an attainable goal in our sights.  I really feel that today’s failures will become tomorrows (possibly next week or months) successes, but only of your willing to brave uncharted territory.

Back to the maniacs who got stronger at HAF today.  Their tremendous effort was simply inspirational.  Many of them failed at a certain weight in the beginning of the work out, took a step back, listened to the cues, and out performed what their abilities were moments before.  Many blew away old PR’s.  All supported one another regardless of the outcome because they understood the effort that was being put forth.  How do I feel about failure?  Its part of the game, but with a little planning, a lot of support, and ton of grit past failures ultimately lead to future successes.  Hope this helps ; ).                          


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Thanks Coach Joe for helping me PR today…I left the box feeling really great about my accomplishments but more importantly, I left knowing that I can and will beat todays PR as well…It was your coaching personality that helped me not only physically but emotionally as well..
Thank You Much!

Tiffany Bove
March 12, 2011 6:17 am

Resistance bands are fun!!! I never knew they were so versitile 🙂