Its Whoopie Time!!!

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Making babies!!!
Oh yeah.  It’s time to get to the good stuff.  The real reason we bust our butts to get better.  It’s all about making babies.  Babies like the one in Eliza’s womb?  Nope.  I’m talking about a different type.  Huh?  Let me back track just a second.
We all influence one another and have been influences by someone.  Like the recent Tsunami, that scared the crap out of me by the way (I do hope we all take a moment and do some wishful thinking for those in Japan).  There was obviously a ripple effect that started with an earth quake, eventually ending with people thousands of miles away buying gas, bottled water, saving important documents and running for the hills.  Take me for instance, through parenting, coaching, teaching, and interacting with others I ended up who I am, an almost 30 fitness enthusiast blah blah blah.  I am not only my parent’s baby, but the product of multiple relationships and experiences.
Let’s explore this idea more closely and consider my current obsession, CrossFit.  Being, relatively new to the sport/movement I consider two guys very influential.  In doing so I am leaving out the huge influence of many awesome football coaches that pushed, pulled and shaped many traits that ultimately led me to CrossFit, but I’m not writing a book here (yet!?!).  Names will be left out but they are the owner operators of two boxes; one in San Antonio (Body Armor) and the other here in Hawaii (Hardass).  One guy got me into the game the other is allowing me to refine my craft and participate as an athlete and coach.  I don’t want to make this weird but I consider myself their CrossFit baby.  I owe these guys some gratitude and much respect for altering my path in life.
I, in turn have a couple CrossFit babies that our flourishing as well.  Two have parked their cars at the curb and revamped their garage, one moved to Hawaii to train, and some others have run with the Paleo Idea and not only lost weight themselves but have also changed the way their parents eat.  No matter how small the idea, moment, or relationship we are social beings and influence each other.  I love hearing about a PR or a pound lost and revel in the fact that I had a hand in it.  It truly is the good stuff and why I do what I do.  So, get out there and make happy babies.  Foster the relationships around you and make them positive.  If it weren’t for a free workout and friendly disposition my life would be completely different today.