What Did the Baby Say to The Italian?

Joes Barbell
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As I said a few posts back I am making an effort to read a few things here and there.  Why play trial and error when much smarter people have already done the leg work?  One particular book I have gravitated toward is Tracey’s Hogg’s baby whisperer book.  I have paged through similar books with little hope of finishing.  But, this quirky blond brit. does it for me.  This morning, before HAF’s 40 minute amphitheater tour from hell, I read a couple page regarding infant temperament.  Hogg, backed by some tip top research, believes that all babies are born with a particular temperament.  Of course there is a little give and take, but for the most part an infant is genetically disposed toward being one of five baby types.  Those temperaments being; Angel, Grumpy, Textbook, Spirited, and Touchy, in no particular order (it’ll take work but I am hoping for Spirited).  However, through parenting technique’s, or a lack of, a temperament can be changed for better or worse.

The obvious question that pooped… sorry popped into my head was nature vs. nurture.  Hogg discussed this matter and didn’t really give a view, except to say that if you follow her advice your baby will be tip top (what else is she supposed to say).  What are your thoughts?  The blog seems to be getting some decent traffic (250 plus hits… YEAH!!!).  Hopefully there are some moms out there who can shed some light on this.  Does my kid have a chance?  Is it predisposed to be a not so tall Polish Italian who can lift moderate weight over head, who by the way is shy in new situations, and does throw the occasional temper-tantrum because of emotional overload?  Or, will Gator be more like mom; calm, cool, beautiful, and brilliant?  What are your kiddo’s doing?  Post your comments, shoot me an email or tweet at joeshu2326@gmail, or facebook the wife and me at eliza-joe szymanek.  Or, just read and whatever.  Thanks for tuning in!!!