What Would Beatrix do?

Joes Barbell
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I find myself asking one question rather often these days. What would Beatix do?  I ask the question darn well knowing the answer.  She’d kill everyone standing with her custom suited Hanzo blade.  The dang thing was made to cut god, she was forced to try it out.  Not to mention Beatrix had the right and motivation to do what she did.  What’s the saying I’m looking for, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?”  Beatrix sure made me a believer in that statement.  Now, I’m not a woman, nor have I been scorned in the despicable matter that Beatrix was scorned, but I have been boiling over a few things lately, well not really boiling, not even angry.  But, I do have some interesting things about to happen over the next few weeks.  In chronological order, the crossfit open WOD’s drop Tuesday, March 15 and the arrival of Gator is just around the corner.  In fact Eliza will be full term in two weeks, which means Gator could be here as soon as April.  One will establish my pecking order in the crossfit community, so far it looks like I’ll be somewhere between 1 and 10,000.  While Gators arrival will be the most worthwhile experience of my life.  
The long and short of Beatrix’s story is that she fought her greatest fight only to give up what she was best at for the safety and well being of her child.  She couldn’t go around being the world’s deadliest assassin and B.B.’s supreme provider.  Based on the interesting rearing that I was subject to, not bad or lacking nurturing in any way, just confusing, raising Gator under the direct care of mom and dad and least confusing situation is very important to me, and I believe Eliza (just kidding hun).  So, what would Beatrix Do?  I believe anything she could to protect her child.  The long and short of mine and Eliza’s story is that we are excited to begin a life where that is the answer to all of our questions.  I know we won’t start out being baby whispers like Tracey Hogg or even rotten parents like  Esteban (the retired pimp that cuts up women, who also tell Beatix where Bill is living).  We will be somewhere in the middle, probably like Vernita Green, AKA Copperhead.  
By the way, the real point of this post is to display my obsession with the Kill Bill Movies.  I Spent all morning sweeping while listening to the sound tracks.  NICE way to start the week.