Be a Beatix; Get a Number!!!

Joes Barbell
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And, the work outs begin.  In a few hours every crossfitter, or person for that matter, will get an opportunity to compete in a WOD (work out of the day).  It’s pretty cool if you ask me.  Regardless of how you finish it’s cool to know where you stand in such a large and diverse community.  Looking ahead, I think it’s a great time for everyone to a least get on the board and establish a “number.”  It looks like everyone will be ranked and how cool is that.  Heck, even if you are 8,743 out of 11,000 that’s still cool.  No matter what my number is at the end of the 6 weeks you better believe I’ll peacock it around.  It’s my hope that after asking about a Fran, Helen or Cindy score crossfitter’s will start asking, “What’s your number,” or “where did you finish.”    
Even better, when you earn your “number” this year you have a goal to work toward besting next year.  I’d like to see more people enter this competition than not.  From our stand point at HAF we are going to run the open WODs in class so you might as well make it official.  If you need the 10 spot I’m sure we can work something out.  I know it can be scary to find out where you stand.  Heck, I am relatively new to crossfit, started in June.  But, since stepping into Body Armor and running into a Bear of a work out, literally the Bear, it is all I have wanted to do and excel at.  From that stand point it’s scary to actually know where my hard work and training have placed me on a national and competitive scale.  Win, Lose or draw the feedback will affect my training and coaching over the next year and so forth.  If anyone from HAF is checking out the blog I hope you read this and figure, “Ahh, what the Hell,” and give it a shot.  Back to the question that opened the week, “What would Beatrix do?”  She’d WOD her ass off.  Be a Beatrix folks and get a number, everyone is doing it.