We Don’t Do That in Hawaii

Joes Barbell
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My dad is the one in the middle, I’m left and my oldest little Bro (Mike) on the right.  The following post deals neither with Barbells or Babies… but does let you into my family (just a little).

Just to let all you non-Hawaiian Residents know; we don’t switch our clocks at day light savings.  One of the many differences between Hawaii and the mainland.  This no change, or big change depending on your point of view, will no doubt confuse my father.  The poor guy has worked so hard to figure out the 5 hour difference and to explain to him that now its 6, may throw his whole life into a tail spin.  I’m not kidding.  In every single conversation we have had since I moved to Hawaii “the TIME” has been a major topic.  Before we exchange pleasantries my old man either asks the time or proclaims the time.  I just hope he can make the switch with out to much trouble.  The truth is I have really enjoyed hearing the confidence in his voice as he declares, “Joe Joe; its 9:45 out there… RIGHT!!!” Or decrees with pride, “Joey, give me a call 12 your time; 5 our time… RIGHT… Love  ya bud.”  I’m not sure if I’m scared, nervous, or excited.  Who knows, he may already have it?  The last time I felt this mixed bag of emotions was last Thursday when I saw the Tsunami warning.  I was scared because a Tsunami was heading our way, somewhat excited to experience a brand new natural disaster, and anxious for sure because I really didn’t know what was going to happen.  I’m rooting for my old man and I’ll keep you posted on his progress.  By the way, Hurricane Joe Sr. will be arriving in late June and part of his pre-vacation home work is mastering Hawaiian time; and taking a little off the belly