Where Attention Goes Energy Flows

Joes Barbell
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Before you read the post, check out the poll question to the right.  In case you didn’t know Eliza and I are going to be surprised regarding the sex of Gator… hence the Gator references.  Don’t worry when Gator arrives he/she will be given a suitable name.  Well, suitable as possible considering the short comings of the last name.  
Thanks to CrossFit for giving us an opportunity to find out where we stand, or as Reebok would like us to say, Prove Our Fitness!  Right now I Stand or have Proven myself fit enough to hold two rankings; 1420 (nationally) and 97 (regionally).  It was great yesterday, watching everyone compete.  I know I made a big deal about finding a number, and that’s still important.  However, the number is not as important as the effort behind it.  I know it’s impossible to rank effort.  But, if possible, the effort rankings at HAF would have been off the charts.  We should all take a moment and celebrate effort.  When considering WODs, there is comfort knowing that regardless of score, numbers, or rankings maximum effort will put each of us in the same place… ON THE FLOOR!!! Here’s to finding that warm, dusty, sweat pooled spot over the next few weeks.  Make it your own, make it count, and make sure your effort isn’t in question.