Joes Barbell
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I was playing with Gator today.  Yuppers, coolest thing ever.  Eliza was lying on the couch and she asked me to touch her belly and feel the baby move.  Now I have done this many times, in fact almost every night for the past few months.  However, this particular time was a little different.  I was gently (hopefully) poking away and Gator would move and push back.  It was like we were playing tag, paddy cake, maybe even paper rock succors.  As each day passes I really feel like I can feel Gator growing and becoming more and more responsive to the outside world.  We are approaching the deadline of this little project and couldn’t be more excited.  I just hope we can up hold our end of the bargain and provide this little meatball (don’t get mad kellyanne I’m not steeling it) what it needs to flourish.