And it BEGINS!!! On my signal… UNLEASH HELL!!!

Joes Barbell
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The beard project is officially 1 week and one trim in.   
It’s just what it sounds like.  I have been complaining for years that I can’t grow a beard, facial hair, whiskers.  By whatever name you call facial fuzz, this guy just can’t seem to grow it.  Well I grow it but when it starts to come to life I begin to resemble Joe Dirt.  Really, it’s very sad.  No more.  I got myself a beard trimmer the other day.  By the way, I made sure it said beard trimmer on the package.  I am going to be turning 30 in just over 6 months and I need to know what I am capable of before I really have to start acting like an adult.  So, I figure I need to scratch this itch and see what happens.  I have gotten some advice over the years from friends who grow beards (Andy, Josh, Mitch… Thank You).  It seems like I just have to be patient.  I’m going to keep my trimmer set low and let the finer more shy locks thrive.  When it looks like it’s starting to thicken up I can use a longer setting on the trimmer.  What do you think?  Honestly, I don’t care.  This beard is all for me.  I have been watching guys like Jeremiah Johnson, Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Daniels not John Wayne), and leader of the 300 King Leonidas achieve fantastic feats of strength, heroism, and downright manism for too long.  This guy needs to get off the bench and see if there really is power in the beard.  I’m going for broke, it’s beard or bust baby.  I figure the power of attraction has to apply here.  if I think positively this will happen and I need you to think happy thoughts for my beard too.  Wish me luck and think LUSH FACE MANE thoughts.  Complaints need not comment… As I said this is something I have to do.