Joes Barbell
Today is my last chance to improve my rank in the crossfit open.  Well, at least for WOD 11.1.  The extra time has been put to good use and I feel good.  Today it’s put up or shut up; 300 or BUST!!! Looking back on last Saturday I’m pretty frustrated to have scored a 299.  The frustration stems from some mistakes I made in the WOD and careless actions that were taken due to some mental short comings.  Every former athlete, coach, or competitor talks about performing without regret.  Putting forth the type of effort that guarantees when you look yourself in the mirror you know you didn’t leave anything in the tank.  Truthfully speaking I can’t say that about last Saturday.  Yeah I improved my score from the first time.  Sure I put myself on the deck and made me a pretty little sweat angel.  But, I can’t say I hit that extra gear.  I can’t explain it but I just felt like I could have done better.  Today I get another shot.  Today I’ll either improve or get worse.  There isn’t any staying the same.  A few days ago I talked about celebrating effort.  Don’t get me wrong that is still important and something I think each of us should hang our hat on.  But taking those thoughts a step further is there any better feeling in the world than when tremendous efforts result in extraordinary performances?  Nope.  Not in my eyes.  Today is all about the extraordinary.  Today its about putting it all together.  Why shoot for hanging around when you can be great.  Before I close this out I need to say one things, thanks CrossFit.  Thanks for making the WODS count.  Thanks for giving me a number to shoot for, something to improve on, and a reason to chase perfection.  It feels really good to be doing something that matters.  PASS IT ON PLAYA!!!
P.S. Still rocking the BEARD                             

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Tiffany Bove
March 26, 2011 7:56 am

305!!!! SZYMANIMAL!!!