It Was Covered in Kindergarten Silly

Joes Barbell
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Inspiration comes in many forms.  Take me for example.  With this whole CrossFit thing I needed to draw some pictures, right a few words, and tape’em to the wall.  I also convinced my brother to give me a nick name, sat up for hours picking warm up tunes (by the way, trip hop is some wild music to loosen up to) and focused intensely on channeling the positive energy behind the Law of Attraction.  It all worked.  I hit a goal and improved my score.  I think a lot of the HAF crew came to the gym inspired today.  They may not have resorted to arts and crafts like yours truly but I’m sure each had a button.  One guy was straight up pissed over some high school type BS and looking to prove something.  One guy wanted to prove that in Maui they don’t count correctly.  And, one chick wanted to prove that “YES” her doubleunder’s have gotten better.  Their were a ton of great gains today that far out shined my six rep improvement.  Everyone improved their score and moved themselves up a few places in the rankings.  A few weeks ago it came into question whether the HAF crew WOD’s hard, whatever that means.  If “WOD’ing HARD” means hitting PR’s and getting better every day, than yeah we do WOD hard.  If it means flopping around on the floor, puking on yourself, and needlessly screaming at one another during workouts, no we probably don’t.  To each his own I guess.