Here is to YOU!!! EVERYONE

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No one can stand on their own shoulders.  With that in mind, I’m thinking this Sunday should be about saying Thank You.  Thanks Portishead, for the sick beats and trippy warm up music.  Kimo deserves a big mahalo for giving me a great place to train, coach, bounce ideas, and be myself.  HAF crew gets a danke schon for inspiring me to be great in all I do, and throwing Eliza and me a great surprise shower.  On that note, beer from a babies bottle and baby food from a blind folded mommy are win win for adults looking for a good time, check out the Hardass Fitness facebook page for sweet pics.   Merci Dustin, for sound nutritional advice and helping me to be a more informed coach.  Eliza, talk about inspirational and deserving of a huge GRACIAS!!!  She’s still working full time and pretty much full term.  She is even putting her PT skills to work at home.  My shoulder is icky after the countless overhead reps completed at high speed, haw’aa CrossFit Programming.  Back to Eliza, she’s is doing it all with a smile on her face despite the less than heroic efforts of her more than pusillanimous (spineless, weak, cowardly) choice for a life partner.  Ookini to Gator, who in about four weeks will not only have a defined sex but a proper name, for amusing me with the slightest of movements.  By the way, that brings up an interesting question.  Do parents that wait to find out the sex of their baby contribute to possible confusion of said baby regarding sexual preference in adulthood?  Probably not, but I digress.  This isn’t about my issues and awful side tracked thoughts.  It’s about giving thanks, which should be extended more and more and as often as possible.  When you’re feeling crappy off a gluten induced, or any type for that matter, hangover give it a try.  You’ll feel better.   
P.S. Thank you’s were used in Japanese, Alaskan, Hawaiian, Spanish, German and lastly on purpose French.  For more ways to say thanks check out http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/thankyou.htm#F