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Examples of possible moves…


Get strong or get out!  Win or die!  Go heavy or go home!  TRI to Get BI and You’ll Get TRAPPED (Very funny in person, it has moves)!  
You could go on forever looking for witty little sayings to motivate yourself.  Read the back of any CrossFit or team T-shirt.  I made one for a middle school football team that simply said FINISH!  To me it was a simple and powerful message about ending a task stronger than you start.  To the young ones that wore the motivational apparel it was confusing.  FINISH what coach, our vegetables, dinner, this practice?  Obviously, I’m guiltier than most when it comes to using these muscle bound motivational mottos, its part of the fabric of coaching.  I guess? Or, maybe it’s part of the fabric of growing up with Uncles who could BS their way out of or into any situation.  I’m serious.  There used to be a plaque that hung higher than old glory in my Grandmothers house that read, If You Can’t Dazzle Them With Brilliance, Baffle Them With Bullshit, words to get by in life if I ever heard them.  Isn’t that what people (me) do when they rely on a saying, a song, or another person to fire them up?  Do the things we do to pump ourselves up fog up the real reasons for hitting something with a max effort?  Why the hell should any of us go above and beyond? 
I have been asking myself these questions.  The results of this self assessment suggest that I could be doing a lot better in many aspects of my life.  The time for empty promises, lack luster performances and getting by has got to be over.  I believe by taking things a little more serious and understanding “MY WHY” I may find true and consistent intrinsic value in the things I do, which has always been an issue for me.  This doesn’t mean I’m going to tighten up, not make another sign, and stop wearing my beloved 50/50’s.  It does mean that yours truly will be working toward more than just looking good naked, having a good time, and relying on a cool song to pump me up.  It may take awhile but I just have to figure out “MY WHY!?!