Meconium, Colostrum, and Lemon Zest

Joes Barbell
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If you were following my tweets (@joeshu2326) this past Monday you saw that I attended a 2 hour long breast feeding class at Tripler Medical Center with Wick.  I learned a lot about babies, mommies, pooh, and latching.  Did you know board certified lactation technicians (BCLT) existed?  I didn’t.  Did you know that a newborn doesn’t just pooh, it produces a black, sticky, tar like substance called meconium.  I had no clue.  And, did you know that when a baby feeds from mommy it’s supposed to breast suck, not a nipple suck (actual words used by BCLT)?  I would have never guessed.  The two hours were interesting to say the least.  At first I was bummed about being stuck in the hospital attending a class that I thought had nothing to do with me.  I mean Chopped All-Stars is getting good and just isn’t the same on DVR.  However, after the class I felt like a very informed and supportive daddy.  The smile on Eliza’s face was definitely worth the two hours and the info was more than helpful.  I walked away reassured that human bodies are amazing.  The amount of growth that takes place in the first 6 months of life is ridiculous.  Heck, in the first few days the babies stomach will grow from a marble to tennis ball.  Even more ridiculous is that the best fuel for that growth is produced by the mother.  In the world of fitness there are all kind of supplements, all of which pale in comparison to the original muscle milk.  On that note, another interesting fact is that the best breast milk is colostrum.  Which is yellow in appearance, chalk full of everything baby needs to fatten up and get strong, and something I won’t let go to waste.  Yeah I said it, and if that special substance can in some way help me PR on my back squat then I’ll use it.  I’m not the only one thinking it.  A London ice cream shop, Icecreamists, is charging 22 bucks per serving of Baby Gaga; lemon zest, vanilla, and mommy milk. You’re not the least bit curious?  I am but not for long.