ELIZA, JOE and GATOR need your HELP!!!

The Hawaiian version of the Szymanek family can’t decide which onsie baby gator should wear home.  So we decided to put it in your hands.  We have it down to three choices (Daddy’s Gator, What’s Your Daddy’s Fran Time, and 3,2,1..GO!!!).  As  you can see we have made some custom orders and are very aware that the kid will only be in the thing for about an hour before it pooh’s or pee’s it way into another one.  Who knows, gator will probably wear all three, and more, the first day.  If you couldn’t tell we are very excited for Gator’s arrival.  Sunday was spent cleaning the house, putting together a diaper genie, and setting up the nursery.  In the middle of all the breaks I also found some time to grill up some pork belly and take some pictures of my face for those of you following my attempt to grow a beard.  I have been trimming it here and there and think I’m about to turn a corner, next month.  Don’t you worry I’m staying in this fight, for all the Joe Dirt’s out there.  This is what Sundays are all about.  Doing whatever the heck you want, doing it when you want, and not stressing a darn thing.  Hope yall (miss you to Texas, but Hawaii has you beat) had as good a Sunday as the Szymanek Family… we truly are blessed.           

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Daddys little Gator is really where its at. Keep the beard but don't forget the mullet. it's a requirement to get into inflatable pool parties.

My vote is for Fran!

Looks like Baby Gator, Jumped out to an early lead, and with the start of the Phills we my have to put a Phils Onsie on the ticket. Thanks for voting. By the way, the mullet is to far. Considering that i'm currently surrounded by the pacific inflatable pool parties aren't a priority.