I Got Your Back

Joes Barbell
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Check out this link for exactly how not to spot.  

Having a spotter can increase the likely hood of success in most endeavors.  Let’s look at the bench and squat.  A spotter is essential, especially when attempting maximal loads or reps.  If you want to get stronger in these movements and start pushing serious weight you will have some fails along the way.  Failing without a spot with 400 pounds strapped to your back or 300 pounds two feet from your throat could result in serious injury.  On the flip side, having a proper spot could push you through some thresholds, keep you safe from injury, and get you to your goals faster.  Also, it’s simply better and more fun to have someone there pushing, coaching, and encouraging you.  This past weekend at HAF was a prime example of this.  I increased my rep count in workout 11.2 by 43 reps.  A big portion was having fresh legs and not stepping off the box, but overall atmosphere in the gym was another huge factor.  It was incredible.  The athletes off to the side and the coaches helping to keep score seemed to be performing the movements with the competitor.  Aside from great cues like, “keep that back tight” and “lead with the chest” athletes were also sharing advice to help with quicker transitions and utilizing rest.  Everyone took something from someone’s performance and at the end of the day the entire HAF family walked away stronger.  Because of the collective effort of the group we are three spots away from qualifying position.  Spotters don’t just keep you safe.  Good spotting is about coaching, rallying, and making the people around you better.  CrossFit has some faults and deficiencies, no program is perfect.  Where it hits the nail on the head, in my opinion, is the group aspect.  I spent close to five years training alone.  I look back now and wonder why and how.  No more.  Here is to strength in numbers and looking for that perfect spot.