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Bradley Cooper likes the Bradley Method


Up until last night I had no idea there were different types of birthing methods.  I honestly thought it was the same for everyone.  Mommy feels a cramp, pees her pants, goes to the hospital, screams, curses and finally pushes out a brand new mouth to feed.  Meanwhile, Daddy drives the car, grabs the bags, dodges bodily fluids, deflects criticism, and finally passes out cigars.   Now, I did know that drugs are made available and if there are complications a Cesarean procedure must be completed.  What I didn’t know is that there are all kinds of choices regarding birth.  Home birth, The Bradley Method, Hypno-Birthing (yup that’s what I said), Lamaze, and Birthing From Within (BFW) seem to be popular choices.  Each has its own point of emphasis and roles for the husband.  BFW focuses on birthing as a mechanism for self discovery, a rite of passage, and specifically states that father should serve as “birth guardian, not coach; dad needs support too.”  When I read about the support for dad I instantly thought, yeah freaking right!!!  I can only imagine Eliza’s concern for my emotional state as her journey toward self discovery reaches its climax, a climax that consists of pushing an eight pound pineapple out of a 9 cm birth canal.  The method we are shooting for is the Bradley Method.  The focus is on natural birth.  Mom stays relaxed, active, and aware of what her body is going through.  All the while dad serves as coach and advocate for mom and baby.  Seems pretty good if everything goes right, which probably won’t be the case.  Bottom line, The Bradley Method seems to suit our family interests.  And to be truthful, I like that my role in this birth is important.  I want to be involved, supportive, and educated regarding good practices, and the Bradley Method seems to do all those things.  Plus, it’s also an advocate of the full bottomed out squat, kegel exercises, and strengthening the women’s birth canal; not cutting it up and just getting it through the event.  The Bradley Method, to me, makes the birth of this baby game day and the next few weeks as preseason camp.  I like that.  Not only do Mommy and Daddy need to get smart we also need to get stronger, and that’s always a good thing.  Here’s to putting Bradley to the test. 
Great animation and a sweet exercise for you mom’s to be.