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The CrossFit Open continues to move forward and the word RELENTLESS has officially become my mantra.  11.3 has certainly tested my resolve and ability to truly be relentless.  I know 28 rounds (56) of the squat clean and jerk @ 165 in five minutes isn’t the greatest score, and two rounds off my goal for this WOD, but its a number that I had to bust my tail to get.  I went after 11.3 three times (four if you count the round my bar broke, check out the video on facebook but be prepared to stand your laptop on its side).  I believe this WOD was a good training device for me because each time I attempted it the last 2:30 to 3:00 minutes was a straight suck fest.  Every reps was a battle and each time I attempted it I squeezed out a few more; 21, 10 (in 1:20 w/ broken bar), 26 (that same night), and finally 28 in the last hour this Sunday.

As the open moves forward I have also come to realize that if I am going to qualify for the N. Cal. Regional its going to be close and every rep of every work out is going to matter.  The top 60 spots get to compete in Cali and I want to be part of that.  Doing so won’t be about wanting, wishing, or hoping.  The deciding factor will be about attacking each WOD with determination and effort (and a little luck never hurt either).  It also helps to have great support, which I have plenty of.  The entire HAF crew, the Dirt Nasty Squad (Kimo, Di and the Kids), friends and family in all corners of the country, and Wife and Gator have been nothing but enthusiastic in their unquestionable support.

Coming together and working hard has been so fun over the past few weeks and showed me a few things.  In particular, that anything worth doing isn’t easy, worth doing alone, or done without encountering adversity.  Here is to meeting challenges, putting yourself on the deck, and being relentless.