What Wouldn’t Allen Iverson DO!?!

To quote the great Lt. Aldo Raine, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice.”  With that in mind I wanted to practice the 11.4 WOD without actually doing it.  I put a CrossFit Football spin to the WOD and got to work.  3RFT (Rounds For Time) 7 Burpee Over the Box Jumps 26in., 5 Overhead Squats #135, 3 Muscle Ups #20 Vest.  Short, sweet, and a ball buster.
Here were my thoughts in developing this WOD:  1) I wanted to practice the skills 2) achieve a similar stimulus without as much work 3) and make the movements a little harder than the actual WOD required.
 I think I achieved just that.  Will it help?  Who knows?  Do I feel good about it?  Hell Yeah.  Regardless of my performance in 11.4 later this week I got a good workout in.  Plus, with the video I noticed some faults in the skills and am currently working on the improvements.  Also, I got to play around with this movie maker program and get down to editing.
Another motivation in making this video was to show that each of us has skills we need to work on and movements we also do well.  In this video I highlight some key faults, point out strengths, and give Dirt kudos for hooking my up with some extra clips.  What’s the point?  Well, besides working harder, it also pays off to work smarter.  It might sound weird but hook up a camera and watch yourself move.  You quickly see for yourself what you are doing wrong.  It also helps to get pointers from quality people, thanks Shitty Britches and Wick.  On that note if you watch this video and see something I could do better let me know.  Don’t be afraid to poke a little fun either.  Here’s to working smarter and funner…. NOT just Harder. 
P.S. Does anyone know the reference in the opening quote?  Name the movie, the scene, and the actor; don’t cheat and goggle it.    

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I think you're practice theory makes perfect sense. In my experience with CrossFit I've found that when the Coach says go its a bad idea to complain about a lack of confidence in one element. Come to think of it, its a bad idea to complain at all without a plan of corrective action…whoa,sorry, just had a mild Hooah seizure. But in an attempt to get back to my point I think doing more in practice will make the big show that much more successful. I also couldn't agree more with video taping yourself. I can make a list right now of elements I think I'm good at but in front of a camera the real comfort zone elements will come out. BLUF (bottom line up front) I think you are spot on with all points made in this post. Except for one. What movie are you talking about? The movie trivia here made me realize im only good at quoting Will Ferrell type movies. Unless its one of those, then im not. Geeze this is a long ass comment.

ha. just now watched the video. The little commentary made it hilarious, especially "At HAF clothing is optional". I think the next time you hit the open wod you'll smash it.

Thanks big man. Not sure if ill do it tomorrow or Saturday… maybe sunday morning. my legs are little more fried than I thought they be after hitting those sprints. how are your legs