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Last night was an interesting birthing class.  I am convinced that our instructor has no idea how a clock works, that she hates lamas and Lamaze instructors, and would be great to listen to in the sack.  Really folks, Eliza and I are generally very punctual people.  If it were up to me I would operate on Lombardi time 24/7 (if you’re not 10 minutes early you’re late, it’s a football thing).  In general that type of schedule definitely doesn’t fly out here in Hawaii and I have been adjusting.  Take our Bradley Birthing class.  It is scheduled for 6-8:30 on Tuesday and 10-1 on Saturday’s.  Last night the class didn’t get started until 6:40 and we where there until after 9.  This is the norm give or take 10 to 15 minutes in any and all directions.   If it wasn’t for the side stories about her competitors and the deep groans and moans she lets out when demonstrating the Bradley Positions I’d be pushing to bag this entire operation.  
Truthfully speaking the classes have been very informative and have really changed my perspective on child birth.  Current media had me believing that child birth was full of drugs, cuts, and was generally an emergency procedure where the mother needed to be protected and monitored.  Ever seen Knocked Up, 9 Months, or Junior?  In these Hollywood depicted births the mothers and Arnold are freaking out, drugs are a prerequisite, and without modern medicine all would be lost.  The truth is that child birth is a natural process that the female body was built to undertake.  One of the highlights of each class is the actual footage of real births and family accounts we watch on DVD.  It is undeniable from what I have seen that both mommy and baby are happier, healthier, and heal fast the closer the birth is to natural.  I know I’ll never really understand or go through the process first hand.  Believe me, I’m not even curious.  It’s going to be hard enough watching Eliza go through it.  I also get that medical intervention is necessary in many instances.  What I am glad to now know is that having a baby doesn’t have to be scary.  It’s a process, like any other worthwhile undertaking, that will come with challenges.  It’s probably the single most athletic, strenuous and important thing Eliza will ever do.  Eliza has committed to this natural process and I’m proud of her for taking this route, it’s certainly not the easiest.  I am also excited to coach her through it.                

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Yeah Hawaii time management is a little askew. I've lived here majority of my life and it pains me to to no end that punctuality is such a casual after thought for most of my fellow citizens of Hawaii.