Blast From the Past

Joes Barbell
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I was digging through my closet this morning and came across this relic.  It is amazing what you forget.  Even more amazing the things you can remember by just coming across an old shirt.  This shirt was made by defensive lineman, Will Epps Jr.  Big Will had two interceptions my senior year.  I’m embarrassed to say that’s one more than I had.  The shirt was just for the defense and an all around a bad a**-T.  I’m positive he was inspired by the movie Friday.  What’s the point of letting you know that from time to time I turn up Bruce Stringsteen and rehash the glory days?  The point is that I love going back and remembering playing football.  I love the thought of pre game warm ups and walking down the Hill.  I miss the great guys a played and partied with.  I revel in the plays I made, anguish in missed opportunities and lost games.  Most of all, the best memories, what I really think about when I hear Bruce sing about throwing speed balls is putting another guy on his back.  The second I touched this shirt I felt energized.  When I picked it up I wanted to put on my helmet and tear something up.  Ask Wick and Britches.  This morning I was hooping around, making Johnny Cash requests and in general acting like a real jerk.  It was great.  Of all the things I miss about playing football its the aggression and being a Meat Head.  The football field was really the only place I felt tough, acted like a jerk, and wasn’t afraid to bow up and hit someone in the face.  Football was definitely my proving ground.  It was the first place I had to truly work hard, the first place I had to prove myself, and so far the only place where I got a pat on the back for passing out concussions.  Really! Ill never forget a film session in High School.  We were reviewing tape from a game against the North Penn Knight.  We lost the game, but on one play their Quaterback rolled out on a boot leg and had to be helped off the field when the whistle blew.  Old ball coach said, “there your go Shu, that’a way to leave the other guy on the deck.”  Its okay to be a meat head.  You just need to know the time and place.  Its cool to relive glory days as long your still moving forward and hitting new PR’s.  Here’s to the Boss and from time to time, Glory Days.