Any Day Now

Joes Barbell
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This Sunday I decided to consult Pregnancy Day By Day to see exactly what’s going on with Eliza and Gator.  Fact is that this baby will be out of the womb and in my arms any day now.  According to this book, in the 38th week, Gator has a strong grasp reflex.  The grasp is so strong that it could support the baby’s body weight.  Right now, probably at this moment, Gator is using that reflex to pull at the umbilical cord.  There are also similar reflexes in the foot that are causing Gator’s toes to curl up and spread out.  Sounds like a recipe to get Gator doing toes to bar right out the gate.  The long bones of the arms and legs should also be finished a hardening process known as ossification.  All the developments point toward Gator being ready for the real world.  Well, as ready as any baby can be.  What’s starting to sink in is that the deciding factor in Gators health and survival over the first few months rests solely in mine and Eliza’s, hopefully, capable hands.  There is no doubt that we are up for the task.  There is also no doubt that we have no clue what we are really getting into.  The only thing that’s really seems certain at this point is that Gator is coming.  In two weeks, maybe two days, there will be an entirely different go about in the Szymanek House hold.