The Stress of Pregnancy is Far Reaching

Getting some rest before the Prego asks for something else
Let me preface this post by first admitting that I am aware that I am not pregnant, am very aware that I cannot get pregnant, and in no way shape or form can “really” relate to what an actual pregnant woman goes through.  I get it ladies.  Pregnancy is your burden to bare, super power over men, and huge one up that you can hold over every guys head.  You ladies get pregnancy; us guys are stuck with being bigger, faster, and stronger.  Seems fair to me.  Have your miracle; I’ll take the capacity for more brute force any day of the week and twice on Sundays.  That being said, I think Eliza’s pregnancy is starting to affect me.  When she is tired, I’m tired.  When she has weird dreams, I usually have weird dreams.  When she has to pee all night, so do it.  The major culprit is obviously Gator.  I am pretty sure the little guy is using Eliza’s bladder as a pillow.  Poor girl can’t go more than 45 minutes without peeing.  I have asked her to wear a diaper to keep from waking me up as she rolls out of bed each night but she refuses.  I don’t see the point in both of us waking up every 45 minutes because she has to pee.  Here is another.  The other day her feet were swollen and guess who was forced to rub them.  Yup, you guessed right, Joe Szymanek.  She didn’t care that I was trying to save my grip strength for pull ups and toes to bar.  I also had to get up and get her a baggy of ice.  She didn’t care that I was watching the Hornets give it to the Lakers.  Eliza being this pregnant and needy is really starting to get stressful.  If you’re worried about me please stop.  I’m tough.  Remember, I played D3 college football, grew up in a suburb just north of Philly, and even battled through a case of food poising once.  I do see the road at the end of the tunnel.  There are only a few more days, maybe two weeks of this left.  I can’t wait for Gator to be a real baby so life can go back to being easy.                       

P.S.  This post is meant to be humorous.  If you can’t smell the sarcasm ill try harder next time.  If you don’t get it sorry and go pound sand… It made Eliza smile.    

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Boy oh boy. Enjoy the "stress" while you still can. I watched my nephew for 1 night when he was 4 months old. Freaked…me…out. After seeing that pic of Eliza's feet, Gator's coming very soon!

Just wait until Gator is hungry every couple hours in the middle of the night:) You get dad of the year awards though every time you tell Eliza to stay in bed, you'll take care of it!

(Trying to set you up early Eliza!)

Love It Joe!

Not sure if we will have to wait or enjoy the stress much longer. Eliza had to leave work today with stomach cramps. We are timing and preping for a trip to the hospital. My be a false alarm but things are heating up.