Sleep Deprived…

Already confirmed by Mitch on facebook; Joe Noodling Up
I wish it were Mason’s fault.  But, me getting eight full hours of sleep is as rare as MLB baseball finding a homerun king who isn’t experimenting with the cream and clear (steroids if you aren’t following the Barry Bonds trial).  It has been an issue my whole life.  As a child I was constantly found on all fours banging my head into a pillow.  During grade and middle school I would sleep walk, sometimes sleep sprint and long jump (that’s actually true).  Currently, as I did in college, I twist and turn looking for the most awkward position possible before surrendering into slumber.  My college roommate, Mitch, has dubbed this noodling.  The term actually turned into a popular nic name amongst college buddies and “Fraternity Brothers.”  I have started to do a little research on the topic and have put sleep as a priority over the next year in my quest to reach elite.  I already hear you skeptics, “Great timing Joe.  Having a newborn is really going to help.”  I know.  I get it.  I’m still going to learn what I can about the topic so in the event that Mason gets eight, I sure as heck will.  Here are some interesting facts:
·         Most high performance athletes get much more sleep than typical folks (Lebron James, Roger Federer and Usain Bolt 10-12 + a day)
·         Max Bench attempts have dropped up to 20 pounds after four days of restricted sleep
·         Sleep improves decision making ability
·         Sleep extension improves reaction time
·         Chronic sleep loss can lead to 30-40% reduction in glucose metabolism
·         Not confirmed but I have heard in discussions that one of the most anaerobic moments in our development comes during REM sleep
Bottom line is I need to get disciplined, learn to set my DVR, turn the lights out, and hit the sheets (when Mason gives me the go ahead).  It’s important.  Much more important than who gets fired on Celebrity Apprentice or who is stealing whose tags on Swamp People (If you aren’t watching these guys you are missing out.  Coolest show on TV.  Oh yeah and these maniacs from Louisiana have an accent that is very similar to Pigeon).  I am also researching ways in which to achieve the perfect nights sleep.  Two resources are Paleo Wizard Robb Wolf and 4-Hour Body author Tim Ferris.  I’ll keep you posted on what I find and what works for me.  You’ll all def want to check out this quick reference to get your own sleep journey under way.  Wish me luck folks.  Here is to achieving REM and putting Aerosmith on alert.               

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I was a sleep mess too before my daughter came along. I always knew I needed to get on a sleep schedule, but it was always so tempting to just try to make it up later. Once my daughter was sleeping through the night (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is amazing if Gator ends up needing a little help btw) I got on a 10pm – 6:30am schedule, since kids will always wake up at the same time no matter what. It's pretty great waking up feeling rested and not dragging myself through the day. Good luck!

Thanks for the head sup and resource to help get gator on track. he seems to do pretty well for a newborn not that I have anything to compare him with. He is getting 2-5 hours at a pop. Most nights he wakes up twice. So far so good