Back in the Saddle

Joes Barbell
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Sorry for the in activity.  Last week was all about figuring things out with Mason.  It’s funny how you can spend nine months preparing for something and then realize the second you’re in the middle of it just how unprepared you are.  Eliza and I had the nursery in order, the diaper genie set up, swaddlers ready for action, and pumps primed for action.  The second we walked Mason through the door we realized we had no clue how to use any of our new handy dandy baby swag.  We also realized that our neat and tiddy apartment on the 25th floor of a high rise was a big baby hazard.  Too much furniture, no carpet, odds and ends strategically placed throughout and sharp edges everywhere is no place to house an infant.  Strangest part of last week for me was watching Pregnant in Heels thinking, “What would Rosie Pope say about our apartment.”  It’s a little better now, and changes (hopefully for the better) slightly every day.  I guess that’s what this ride is going to be like for the next 18 + years.  It’s like I said in a Job interview a few years back when I was asked what I really knew about football.  I looked Old Ball Coach dead in the face and said, “Sir, I know enough to know I don’t know enough, but I’m willing to put in the time to get better.”  I’m taking the stance that as long as I’m in the game and willing to try something to make mine, Eliza’s, or Mason’s life a little better I’m doing ok.