Mason the Minimalist

Joes Barbell
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So I have had baby on the mind since Mason fell out of Eliza.  For the last week or so I have had this idea to create a childrens book character that teachers kids about doing the little things right.  It was just an idea but last night around 2 am Hawaiian I woke up and this crazy little poem was all I could think about.  I wanted input from my blog following.  This story is a rhyming one but I am not sure they all have to be.  I guess the point is to just keep a pad of paper by my head (my current dream log which is getting out of hand just three days in) and write when the ideas are flowing.  Here is what I was doing at 2 AM, for your blogging pleasure I present to you….

Mason the Minimalist
A simple boy who understands how doing the little things right can make a big difference.  Saying thank you can change the world.  Putting your toys away starts habits that can positively impact the environment.  A single smile can brighten the darkest room.  Mason shows us all that the power to make the world a better place is in each of us.  You don’t need super powers.  You just need to do what’s right – everyday.
The clean Up – The Park  – The first (the title is working)
Not so long ago
                In a very close place
Lives a happy little boy
                With glasses on his face            
He might be young
                But he always thinks big
Of helping the world
                And changing most things
The thing on his mind
                On this sunny day
Was fixing the place
                Where he liked to play
Mason’s favorite park
                Was trashy at best
The people who played there
                Were dirty little pests
He picked up the mess
                Mason, did the job all alone
Felt proud of his deed
                And simply went home
But to Mason’s Surprise
                The next afternoon
The mess had returned
                His deed had been ruined
That’s when he realized
                The job was too big
For one little boy
                To do everything
Mason asked each child
                And parent and pet
“Isn’t cleaning after yourself
                As easy as it gets?”
All did agree
                And all spread the word
“Just clean up after yourself
                We can all help fix the world.”
The message was spread
                By girl, dog, and boy
Now the park remains clean
                For all to enjoy!!!