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Joes Barbell
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This isn’t a post where I say something marginally funny, challenge you to do anything, or share a funny story about Mason peeing on the clean dishes after his bath.  This post is just to share.  There are times when nutrition, exercise, and health care just don’t seem to want to come together.  Well folks, here is a group that is trying to fix that problem.  The Paleo Physicians Network is all about bridging those gaps and in general making life easier for informed consumers (that’s a fancy way of saying you and me).  Read the mission, find a Paleo Doc. near you, and most importantly share with friends.  I was fired up to see the Doc in Hawaii is a CrossFitting Maniac.  Then double sad to see he operates in Maui (that’s a different island than Oahu, where I live).  Its still cool that these guys are are popping up all over the country.  It seems that most days Robb is tweeting about another Doc joining the good fight.  Get healthy folks and make sure your doctors are healthy too.