Mason the Brave?

Joes Barbell
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This is a bunch cuter than what goes on but I think it gives an idea of what I’m getting at.
My son is a treasure.  Last night my wife and I were watching the tube and just couldn’t help but giggle at Mason.  The poor little guy makes the greatest poop faces and noises I have ever heard.  Picture Mighty Mouse and Benjamin Button fighting and you might have an idea of what I’m trying to get at.  To me, when I watch him struggle to squeeze one off all I can think of is how I might react if I were caught on the toilet and had to sneeze.  It sounds and looks like the little guy is in pain.  Thank god when it’s all over he smiles it off and passes out.  In terms of the diaper situation what comes out is normal (supposedly – yellow cottage cheese?) according to the experts.  Plus, the frequency is off the charts.  Little man seems to be doing his job – processing food and growing.  I guess I’m just wondering how long Mason will go through this max effort poohing stage?  Is it normal?  Is this his first opportunity to strengthen his core?  Well, there he goes again.  If you are worried and think I need to check for something let me know.