Its a Celebrations!!!

Joes Barbell
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Its a celebration bitches!!!

Celebrate success people.  No matter how small celebrate it.  I am not talking about celebrating mediocrity, coming in 13th place (unless last time you were 20th), or just making happy noise for the sake of making happy noise.  What I am talking about is celebrating the fact that every day the people around you are accomplishing amazing things under the radar.  For example, before moving to Hawaii I was deathly afraid of parallel parking.  However, the other day I squeezed the jeep into a spot only a Prius could love.  I took a picture of the moment, bragged about it on facebook, patted myself on the back with both hands, and for the rest of the day felt like the guy in the Walking in Memphis Song.  By the way what’s a Beale?  Next time you’re sleep experiment isn’t going as planned, your favorite pair of compression shorts are missing, and you find baby poop under your finger nails (all before 7am) try finding something great to celebrate rather than focusing on fuss.  My Thursday was heading to nowhere-ville until I decided to turn the corner and be excited about something.  We each have the power to be as happy, sad, or moody as we want to be. 
Some other success that have been going down as of late in the Szymanek House Hold:
Gator put out his first giggle and at a very timely manner
Eliza cooked something for the first time on the cast iron skillet
Caroline (our cat) has turned our balcony into her own private play ground
Daddy found his beloved compression shorts
What great things are going on in your neck of the woods?
in case your not a facebook’er… is that a term?