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“Holy paper cranes mommy!!!”  That’s what Eliza has been hearing from me for the past few weeks.  She’ll continue to hear it until we finish our good luck project for Mason.  So what’s the project?  Eliza found an artist in Hawaii that takes a bundle of mini paper cranes and weaves them into a mural.  In our case the mural will say Mason (not gator, boo).  How many 2 inch pieces of paper do we have to fold into neat and tidy paper cranes? 600!!!  The kicker here is that we had actually started the project about a month ago with 3 inch paper and were told they were all too big.  I have never been told by any women that three inches of anything was too big, but I guess there is first time for everything.  Any who, we are up to 200 cranes folded with another 400 to go.  I thought for those who didn’t know why paper cranes are so special a little share was necessary.  The story is inspiring and to tell you the truth, once you get going the folding isn’t too bad either.  
The story starts with an old Japanese myth that promises a wish to anyone who folds 1000 paper cranes.  A little girl named Sadako Sasaki attempted to complete this daunting task during her battle with leukemia.  She fell short of the task and pasted away at the age of 12.  Her friends and family decided to write letters and raised enough funds to build a memorial to her and all of the children who died from the effects of the atomic bomb.  The memorial was erected in 1958 at the Hiroshima Peace memorial and reads
“This is our cry.  This is our prayer.  Peace on Earth.” 
Mason has been sucking air into his lungs and filling diapers for just short of a month.  Since his arrival all I want for the little guy, to grow up happy and safe.  If you’re ever looking for a nice gesture to extend try your luck at folding a crane and pass along the story.