Great example of what not to eat… please

Not sure if you noticed, but this week I have been trying to make all the titles of my blog posts sound like dinosaur names.  It used to be a fun name game that I played with the middle schoolers I used to teach.  I thought the names were great.  Some of my co-workers thought they would get me in trouble (but always found them humors).  And, the wife was always shocked.  Any how that’s not what this post is about.  This is share session and clarifiaction on a previous topic; meat/flesh consumption. 

I discussed free range beef a few weeks back.  Specifically, that Shitty Britches and I have been on this wild meat kick.  Explaining this position on flesh consumption is not always easy.  The bottom line is that us humans have made a real mess of things.  Thanks to twitter I have been able to get a hold of some great articles on this topic and many others and I was very effected by this particular piece.  I would suggest that anyone marginally concerned with what they shove in their pie whole take ten minutes and read this post, please.  That’s right, you may have to put The Voice, Swamp People or Chopped on pause for a moment, but its worth it.  Bacon on Blast does a great job of clarifying things and giving the why regarding the choices you may make in the grocery store or farmers market.       

Incase you didn’t click it at the top of the Page: Bacon on Blast   

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