CFFB – In action (Post WOD)

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We had a great group come out and get a taste of CFFB.  For people wondering what its about all I can say is come and try it.  The biggest difference is that there is a little more emphasis placed on strength and attacking your anaerobic threshold.  I’ll never say its better or worse than any other program just different.  How do you know whats right for you?  You have to ask yourself what your goals are?  If your still unclear talk with a coach and we can give you a point.  Me, I like being bigger, stronger, and faster and that’s what this program is designed to do.  Plus, being stronger never hurt anyone and is in my opinion the greatest factor in improving performance.  Don’t worry ladies, we can get you stronger without getting you bigger.  Remember, not all football players are 300 pounders, but more often than not they all possess great athleticism.  Not to mention CFFB is incorrectly labled.  As a program it is designed to produced poweful athletes, not just powerful football players. 

CFFB also places huge importance on active recovery and keeping some juice in the tank.  One of the ways they stress recovery is this Static Mobility Routine.  It comes from coach Raphel Ruiz at 1441 (http://www.onefourfourone.com/).  He teaches at the CFFB cert. with Coach Welbourn and knows his stuff.  Anyone looking for a sound routine to do post WOD needs to give this a try.  For the full routine and instructions to do it correctly click on the link below (don’t be afraid to check out the rest of the cite.  Don’t worry it won’t bite).  You can also give me a tap considering I’ve gotten it directly from the horses mouth.  If you don’t have the full 20-30 minutes to complete the entire routine focus on the areas that you hit during the WOD but definitely be sure to hit the Z-Stretch Complex everyday (positions 20-23).  Hope it helps.  Love to see you at the WOD.  Rumor has it way may be hitting another CFFB WOD this Monday at 11.  Also, I train M-F around 1ish (as determined by Mommy and Gator’s disposition) plus the group is getting together at noon on Saturday.

Static Mobility Complex