One down, Far to Few to Go

Joes Barbell
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Ever seen a baby milk drunk
Zombies, vampires, and all things unholy beware, our boy is growing and getting stronger by the day.  He weighted in today at just over 12 pounds.  The big guy has put on over 4 pounds in his first month out of the womb.  Now I am sure there is some error between the scale at the hospital and the scale at the house but the point is he is growing and fast.  Most of the credit has to go to Eliza who is by all accounts producing some serious nourishment for Masasaurous Rex. Truth be told her potent growth formula is the direct result of the meals prepared by yours truly; but I digress.  The point is that sooner rather than later Mason will be a full grown HOSS!!!  
Its a funny thing being a dad.  I find myself being proud of the darnedest things; full diapers, loud burps, long eager feeds, and obviously something as simple as a little growth.  I’d have to say that the first month has been a success.  I haven’t dropped him once (promise), he seems to be taking to the bottle (sometimes), mommy is happy (I think ) and we really are getting some sleep (a lot more than the vetrians said we’d get).  I guess we need to see what happens when Mason figures out he has a voice and that any high pitched squeal beckons the watchful and weary caregiver.