15 Down, 15 To Go

Joes Barbell
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Minus the cone… ill be there… in 15 days
I am half way through my dairy challenge and things are going ok.  I have learned that I really miss milk, ice cream and cheese cake filling… sometimes.  Aside from a few pieces of dark chocolate on one of Eliza’s cheat days I have been super duper strict.  Truthfully, the only time I crave dairy or any delightful tid bit that is a paleo no no is when I let myself get hungry, am bored, see someone else indulging, or find myself sitting in front of the TV (usually watching some travel show where the host does nothing but eat all the wonderful things I used to vacuum up – cheese steaks, deep fried pastries, fried chicken; just to name a few).  To tell you the truth this dairy kick has been a little easier than I thought it would be.  However, you’d have every right to call me liar if I told you I wasn’t excited for it to be over.  I already have my plunge back into dairyville planned out.  The star of the show is going to be a custom made ice cream cake from Scoops of Paradise.  You haven’t been to Scoops?  It’s only the greatest ice cream stand in Hawaii.  As a bonus, one of the proprietors is Philly native. Who’da thunk it?  Toughest part about walking into this place is avoiding the homemade waffle cones.  Yeah there just like they sound, freaking awesome.  Only problem is they are like most things waffle, full of gluten and we all know that’s a no no everyday of the year.