Fighting Boredom

Joes Barbell
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An idle mind is not good for much, especially mine.  When I am bored I do dumb things.  As a teen this meant prank phone calls.  In college being bored was an excuse to drink myself into a blackout just to see what I could remember the next day.  When I’m bored now I think about 18 inch this crust pizzas, Cheez-It’s, and red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.  Actually, the thoughts begin and end with ice cream.  About a year ago I got so bored that I made a 10pm run to HEB (greatest grocery stores in Texas) for peach cobbler ingredients (I make my own and it’s flipping fantastic) and Blue Bell French Vanilla Ice Cream.  How do I cure my boredom halting binge sessions?  First off, sometimes I don’t.  However, rather than eat a frozen pizza or a pound of apple crisp I go after celery, almond butter, and raisins.  Sometimes it’s left over chicken curry.  Another snacking staple is coconut butter with anything.  The other day I actually took a shot of straight coconut oil with pineapple.  The point is that I try to keep paleo approved goodies around for when I am weak or hungry.  I also try to occupy my brain with activities; reading, writing, singing, changing diapers.  Don’t ask about the songs.  They are usually original, always different, and are just for mommy and son to enjoy.  The neatest thing I have been doing lately is actually talking to my wife.  From time to time we actually have a meaningful conversation and make each other laugh.  In fact, just this afternoon we walked the grounds of the Ala Moana Beach Park with our plump party boy and watched the paddle boarders navigate the surf. 
What’s the point?  Don’t let being bored be an excuse to screw with your plans.  If you stay active, focuses, and keep your eye on the positive things usually work out for the best.