What I Want for Mason

Joes Barbell
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When I look at Mason all I do is hope and wonder about his future.  The company line I have been giving most people is that I just want him to be healthy and happy.  Well, the company line is straight up bullshit.  Of course I want him to be happy.  That is a given.  However, given my choice there are some specific things I want for my son.  To keep it short I’d be ecstatic if Mason grew up to be a CrossFiting Chef that did MMA on the weekend who when asked could pull out his harmonica and jam out with the best the Mississippi Delta had to offer.  You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to hang out with that guy.  Obviously fitness and being strong would be important to him. If he were a Chef you know he would have a grip on his career.  The MMA stuff speaks of a man who just wouldn’t take crap and know how to handle himself if it went down.  And, the harmonica bit would make him the life of any party; plus, point to a love of eclectic music.  Any who, if none, all, or even some of this happens in Mason’s future I’d be thrilled as long as he were happy doing it.