The DDC is a GO!!!

Father and Son practicing our tough guy faces
The Daddy day care is officially up and running.  After a week of help by some old people from Jersey (thanks Dad and Deb) this guy officially had his first day alone with his son.  Mason acted as if it was business as usual.  He ate, slept, pooped, peed, napped, and even mustarded up a constructive coo while daddy perform a triple sumo deadlift set at 335.  I am not sure what he was getting at exactly but I am pretty sure he was trying to tell me to keep my back from rounding, don’t worry it didn’t.  Yeah, I couldn’t help, I had to take him to the gym.  One of the big topics at the CrossFit Kids Cert. was that kids learn through imitation.  It may be a bit early but I figure if I prop my son up in front of me while I attempt feats of strength he will also want to attempt feats of strength.  Works for me and I’m the guy running this operation.  Well, while mommy is fixing people at the hospital.  In general I think the stay at home with my son and make sure he is provided for is going to be a great experience.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time, especially if he continues to coach me up at the gym.       

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Love the faces Joe…