It Ain’t E.A.S.Y. Being Greasy!!!

Joes Barbell
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Week one is officially in the books and Mason still has all his fingers and toes.  Aside from a weird fever I picked up early Thursday morning I have to say the week was a success.  In fact it was a little to E.A.S.Y.  Not really, but when I did have some down time I picked up a great reference and put to work some great advice.  The best tip I read was E.A.S.Y., an acronym for a loose routine I picked while reading the Baby Whisperer.  I think I mentioned this routine and this book before but it’s definitely worth the review.  E = Eat; A = Activity; S = Sleep; Y= You.  So it’s a simple concept where baby (Mason) Eats, plays a little and does some kind of Activity (belly time, sticking his tongue out at me, taking a bath, maybe some heavy snatch balances) then he Sleeps (hopefully).  While he sleeps I get to Facebook, watch crossfit video’s, or catch up on parenting 101 books.  Sometimes I nap myself.  The best part of using this technique that I have noticed is that Mason is learning to put himself to sleep.  It’s pretty cool.  I am also getting pretty good at figuring out what he wants and needs.  That’s getting easy because after his nap and feed I usually change his diaper and with those three boxes checked Little Man is an easier read.  I am not saying I’m a pro and there aren’t moments when I get frustrated but things are definitely going smooth while Mommy is playing doctor.  If I burn the house down or Mason turns green I’ll let you know or ask for help; Until then – Taker Sleezy!!!