The Birth of a Title!!!!

Joes Barbell
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The DDC has been up and running for just over a month.  I think I’m running a quality operation but who really knows?  With that in mind I think it’s important to reflect and evaluate yourself honestly no matter what your doing, how the heck else are you going to get better.  I have two criteria that I use to measure my performance as an In Home Quality Control Engineer (has a little more ummph than stay at home daddy); Is mamma happy?  And, is baby happy?  Well, mamma is back to Crossfitting (+), eating regularly (even following daddy’s paleo lead ++), and is displaying positive energy throughout the entire day and evening (+).  Mason smiles (+), does well around people and loud noises (+), hasn’t come down with any weird rash (yet +), poops regularly (+), and seems to be doing well as I cart him to and from the gym (+).  If there was a third criteria I guess it would be an evaluation of my own feelings, thoughts and health.  During the month of July I PR’d my overhead squat (+), developed a nasty habit of not sleeping very well (-), and have helped Mason develop the capacity to hold his own head up (+).  By most accounts and criteria I would have to say that the DDC has been operating efficiently and that I genuinely enjoy my current position as the In Home Quality Control Engineer at Apt 2503.  Bottom line, the Szymanek Family is happy, which is really the only criteria that matters.