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In an effort to post regularly I thought from time to time it would be cool if I just passed along a sweet quote or tid bit of information from the experts (well the ones that I read).  I have done this before on a large scale in past posts.  I don’t plan on making my analysis in most cases.  Rather, my aim is to motivate the reader to get out there and pick up one of these books or research one of the experts.  Why?  Well, for example, I heard about paleo eating from people for months but didn’t really start to follow the principals and reap the benefits until I started to do some research myself and take control of my own nutrition.  Being a lemming works for some people but I like being in control of my own fitness.  Knowledge is power.  

The first installment of this share session comes from my buddy Coach Mark Rippeteo.  Coach Rip is a no nonsense guy who rarely errors on the side of making you feel warm and fuzzy.  Check out anything he is associated with if getting strong is important to you, including his blog Starting Strength.  The blog is particularly interesting as he posts instructional video’s regularly.  Today’s piece of training magic comes from his book Starting Strength 2nd Edition, Basic Barbell Training.  If you have ever picked up a barbell, plan to, or currently are this read is a must. 

Pass this along and keep it with you as you train.  Most importantly get out there and read the other thousands of words in this gem.  Finally the good stuff:

“Assistance exercises, which are by their nature inefficient isolation-type exercises, make very slow progress.  Anybody claiming rapid gains on tricep extensions or barbell curls is not utilizing particularly strict form, and should be criticized for such foolishness.”
What is Coach Ripp getting at?  If you want to get strong assistance exercises/isolation movements won’t get you there.  And, if your claim to fame is how much you can curl well then your only impressing yourself.