Bravo To You… BRAVO!!!

Joes Barbell
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Can’t Stand Watching her, but wouldn’t watch without her. 
We all indulge in a few things we just know aren’t good for us.  Ice cream and reality TV top my list.  The ice cream thing keeps me sane as I make eating paleo more and more of a regular part of my life.  It’s only one serving a week (sometimes less) and the hope is to phase it out but for now it seems to be my only consistent none paleo item.  I’m still gluten free people; give me some credit there.  For now, it’s not killing me or my performance and unless Scoops, the Haagen-daz Stand, or Cold Stone go out of business I just don’t see myself kicking the habit.  
Now, the other indulgence, reality TV, is the real stinker.  Nightly, I snuggle up with myself hoping to catch a glimpse of some poor soul being caught in an emotional melt down.  I really jumped on board with this stuff while Eliza was in Iraq a few years ago.  If it wasn’t for Top Chef, American Idol and So You think You Can Dance I would have lost my mind.  What kept me sane while Eliza was away is now causing a few arguments.  No joke.  Every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday Eliza and I debate the merit and purpose of Big Brother.  I love it.  Eliza places it somewhere between watching paint dry and grass grow.  There are some reality shows we experience with equal enthusiasm, but that causes arguments to.  For instance, the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  We both love the drama these east coast mama’s stir up.  We both think Teresa is stubborn and a bit of a maniac.  But, can’t seem to get on the same page regarding Melissa and her musical ambitions.  Not to mention I find Caroline to be a bit nosie, while Eliza believes she can do no wrong. The Bravo channel in general is something I love to tune into.  It falls in line with a long list of what I refer to as my “GO TO” channels (I know I’m not the only one with this list).   Some others include ESPN (no brainer), BBC America (Gordon Ramsey is the man), FoodNetwork, Travel Channel, and HBO.
What’s the point?  Why make these confessions?  Well because I know eating ice cream and watching bullshit on the tube aren’t good for me and a huge waste of time.  And, I guess since I have one under control I should start to get the other reeled in before Eliza sends me packing.  And, what’s the first step in any good rehabilitation process?  Recognizing the problem!  Well, there it is.  Full disclosure people.  It’s just like Michael said, “If you’re gonna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a… CHANGE!!!”  Not sure what that change is going be but I have begun to look hard into the mirror.  When a plan to make a change unfolds you’ll be the second to know.  Second you say?  Well silly, as always, Eliza gets first dibs.