Why Did the Baby Cross the Road?

Joes Barbell
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I can remember it like yesterday.  It was a September morning in San Francisco and Eliza and I were getting ready for our day in the Napa Valley.  We were going to taste wine, ride a train, and eat something delicious.  The day was destined to be special.  To top it off, it was also the day that Eliza passed the greatest test ever and I finally got proof that I was a full blown man.  Upon the discovery a few things instantly went through my mind.  First, more wine for me.  Second, I hope it’s a boy.  Third, changing diapers is going to suck. 

As a parent you get used to things.  As gross as this is going to sound getting pooh on your hands and pee all over are some of them.  Dealing with disposable diapers is another.  At least we thought so.  We bought the diaper genie, registered for all shapes and sizes, and started to hoard diapers.  Over our nine month pregnancy we amassed thousands of diapers – I think (It could have been in the hundreds.  The point is we had a lot.).  Honestly, it never crossed our mind to consider anything else.  That was until about a month ago when we walked into a local baby store and got the low down on cloth diapers. 

Yup, I said cloth diapers.  Get that image out of your mind.  I’m not talking about a terry cloth and giant pin.  Cloth diapers have evolved like everything else has in this country.  TV’s, board shorts, and infomercials aren’t the only things getting bigger and better people.  There is a better, healthier, and more cost effective way to manage your babies bawl movements.  At least Eliza and I think so.  A week into cloth diapering we are positive that we have purchased the last diapers we will ever need.  I know.  Your intrigued.  Keep posted people.  The why regarding cloth diapers are good for you and baby is right around the corner.  

This is my first attempt at teasing you.  How’d I do?  Later dudes.