Joe’s Birthday Wish!!!

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No, Eliza and I aren’t having issues.  No, I am not entangled in a skirmish with those paper diaper people, gluten consuming zombies, or non barbell lifting weaklings.  What Eliza and I are in the fight for is helping people.  Recently we participated in the 31 heroes work out and couldn’t have been more proud to climb that rope, do those heavy thrusters or tear up that 400 meter weighted run.  We also know the $31 bucks we each donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation is the best money we’ve spent all year.  After being a part of that awesome event we thought it fitting to take part in another sweet workout to help some awesome charities but this time we need a little help. 

Our next charitable endeavor/workout is Fight Gone bad 6.  On September 17th we will each saddle for 17 minutes of hell to help three sweet charities.

– Special Operations Warrior Foundation offers scholarships to children of Fallen Heroes.
– Camp Patriot offers Disabled U.S Veterans outdoor adventures
– Crossfit Kids ISR provides drowning prevention to infants   
We each pledged to raise $150.00 and need your help to hit that goal.  Just click on the links below or find our donation pages on our facebook page.  Give as little or as much as you can.  Right now Eliza is kicking my butt with $45 bucks in the bag to my $20.  The workout is taking place on September 17th but you can donate up until the 23rd.  We look forward to your help and would love to see you jump in the fight as well.  If you do you won’t regret it.  Find a crossfit box near you and ask how you can help.  Lets be helpful folks and why not get a little stronger at the same time.  With my 30th trip around the sun coming up on this October 1st I couldn’t think of a better gift for you to give.  Well, unless you wanted to hook my up with a pair of Phantom’s.  All kidding aside I’d love the shorts but would much rather you give to this sweet cause.  I’m not much for asking for things but when it comes to helping this sweet cause I have no issues being shameless. 

Joe’s FGB6 donation page
Eliza’s FGB6 donation page