Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Joes Barbell
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There is definitely a mental side to crossfit.  I believe this is an aspect of the sport where I am limited and inconsistent at best.  When it comes to hitting strength elements I am game to go for broke.  When it comes to WODing like I’m dying I just don’t do it consistently, maybe I never have.  Living in the suck and thriving in the pain are definitely areas where I am weak.  To help myself I have picked up a book.  It’s not a self help after school special.  It’s the story of Aron Ralston.  You most likely already know the story.  He was the guy who got his hand caught under a boulder and had to cut his own arm off to begin his journey home.  That’s right folks; he didn’t magically poof home in a cloud of tixie dust after hacking off his own appendage.  After amputating his own arm he had to repel down a canyon and walk out.  I always knew of the story but was recently motivated to pick up a copy of the book after stumbling across the movie about the events a few nights ago.  I figure if he could survive 127 hours pinned to a boulder in the dessert and survive he might also offer some motivational tidbits regarding competitive fitness games.  At worst case I’m pretty sure this book will offer an occasional chuckle.  How can it not.  The title alone alludes to sense of humor, Between a Rock and a Hard Place.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be stuck between its pages and hopefully reporting some positive side effects.