A Note From the DDC: Know Your Role

Joes Barbell
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DDC Executives with their #1 Client at their latest Corporate outing.  

It is important to know and communicate your role in all situations.  Identity crises and confusion can easily spiral out of control turn any state of affairs sour quickly.  The Daddy Day Care (DDC) is no different.  I would be the biggest lair in Hawaii if I told you putting my career ambitions on hold and taking care of Mason full time was an easy decision to make for our family.  It was something Eliza and I talked about and debated seriously for a long time.  During our negations roles and responsibilities were devised and the end, forming the DDC was what we thought would be best for our family.  
Eliza sits in the number one spot and carries the title Chief Executive Officer.  As CEO she has final say regarding household policy and strategy.  It’s our belief as an organization that if you want to get something done you can’t rely on the masses.  For instance, because Eliza brings home most (and by most I mean all) of the bacon she sets the budget and prioritizes spending.  That is not to say we don’t discuss these matters.  Each month the executive offices get together and discuss where all the money is going to be spent or sent.  However, when there are more places for the money to go in a particular month than there is money than the CEO has to step in.    
I sit in the number two seat and operate under the title of Chief Operating Officer.  As the COO of the DDC I am responsible for making sure the day to day operations run smoothly.  After the budget is set, it’s my job to keep it on track and make sure daily expenditures do not exceed projections.   Amount X may be allotted for groceries and it’s my job to make sure it stays that way.  The cool part is that gives me final say regarding diet, nutrition, and a handful of other tasks.  Currently, and for some time we have been living a clean/paleo life style.  As I have learned and educated myself regarding what is real food and what is fake food, our grocery budget has shifted.
We also have some consultants on staff.  Dustin (Shitty Britches) to name one.  When it comes to matters concerning nutrition he is our first line of defense.  In fact, most of the learning taking place to live our clean life style is made possible through his efforts.  Most recently he turned us on to something called the Healthy baby Code and it has been very helpful (don’t worry you’ll get the skinny on that in the future). 
Of course there is also our client, Mason.  The DDC was formed to serve him and so far the operation is running smoothly.  How we spend our cash and make decisions regarding nutrition are just two examples of how our corporate structure works for us.  Defining roles and dishing out responsibilities didn’t just happen.  Eliza and I work together to ensure that our number one priority, Mason, is always taken care of and that everyone in the organization not only has a role but is also happy with that role and associated responsibilities.  It takes a good bit of work and a great deal of communication.  In the end our family’s disposition is our best measure for success. Currently Mommy is happy, Daddy is happy, and Mason is happy.  Not to mention that Mason has developed a serious case of cankles, which to me says he is growing and we have to be doing something right.