Primal Parenting: Our Journey Has Begun (Your’s Can Too… or Aswell)

Joes Barbell
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The Picture will make sense if you read the post… hopefully

Ever heard the old country term, “There’s more than one way to skin a buck?”  I wouldn’t know.  In fact, my only experience with skinning any critter, let alone a buck, is to the contrary and comes straight from Gordon Ramey’s The F Word (F stands for food) and other reality based series.  From what I have seen the process starts when the guy (let’s call him the skinner) makes an incision somewhere around the belly button, hangs the critter up, and then pulls the skin away (I know this is sensitive material for some of you, especially Ashley.  Don’t worry the worst is over.).  Any who, the term is supposed to get at the fact that most scenarios have multiple routes toward completion, some better than others.  Considering most cases, not critter skinning however, I would have to agree.  Bringing us all to slowly to my point, when it comes to parenting there is definitely more than one way to raise your child.
Take baby nutrition.  Thanks to Britches, my head first dive into crossfit, and the loving and trustful support of my wife, raising Mason Paleo, well actually Primal, is the route Szymanek Hawaii will be heading.  What’s the difference you ask?  What I can figure is that people on the Primal side of the fence believe you can eat a little more dairy, especially if the source is raw and unpasteurized.  In most other cases this crew is cut from the same mold.  No problem for Mason he gets his milk straight from Mommy and its perfectly engineered for his starter tummy.  However, finding raw Cow’s or Goats Milk for daddy has been impossible on the island; ANYONE HAVE A SOURCE? 

Eating in this fashion has become a life style for our crew.  So far Mommy is making sweet and fattening Milk.  We also figure, Mason is just a little “us” and will eventually be a full fledged human so he should eat like the rest of the tribe.  I mean, it makes sense, right?  Eliza, myself and Britches eat this way because we think it’s the healthiest way to go.  Why not get Mason started on the right track?  There is tons of info out there and smart funny people who just want to share it.  Again, the point is that babies are just little humans and if you think eating clean and cereal grain free is good for you, it’s definitely good for baby and child as well. 

If this whole idea is new to you, Paleo/Primal living, I’d start with the basics and check out Robb Wolf’s book The Paleo Solution and blog.  Then check out the brilliant helpful peeps below.  
Chris Kresser operates a blog at http://chriskresser.com/ is the man behind The Healthy Baby Code and also dishes weekly delights via his Healthy Skeptic Podcast.  There will be more on The Healthy Baby Code in the future, but check out the link to see if it is something you might be interested in.

Peggy Emch’s website The Primal Parent.

A sweet crew also does it for free at Growing Up Paleo and operate a podcast called “Paleo talk.”          
Check this stuff out, let me know if you know where I can get raw milk on Oahu, shoot me some other ways to skin a buck, or look the other way and forget about all this crazyness; its just food right?  No, its an investment in your own longevity.  Sorry to preach, I’m done.  Hope these points and prose are helpful, if not, just wait longer something is bound to be useful.  You can at least watch my evolution as a blogger.  Notice I figured out how to include the links within the text.  Stop… its a big deal for me.  If there is one thing Zoolander and I have in common it’s our computer savvy and maybe the ability to rock a head band.